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 Remembering the Fallen: Military Grief Support Packet Minimize

Remembering The Fallen: Military Grief-Loss Packet
REMEMBERING THE FALLEN is a project to support families who have lost a loved one in the war. A specially designed grief packet contains the following resources:

Letter of condolence, booklet about dealing with grief and loss, set of two “In Memory of an American Hero” dog tags/neck chains, music CD entitled “We Still Have Heroes: A Tribute to the Fallen,” and contact information for organizations that help support families in time of grief and loss.

The packet can be presented to the family or mailed a few weeks after the funeral. An excellent resource for military chaplains, pastors, counselors, and friends of those who have experienced a death in the military.

This packet was sponsored in part by Operation Thank You and its supporters who wanted to express their love and care for military families experiencing grief and loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Remembering the Fallen: Military Grief-Loss Packet



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